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    Looking forward to welcoming crochet Queen Ruby McGrath to The Folksy Summer School next week. Owner of Folksy shop Frank & Olive, Ruby has been featured in many magazines from Simply Crochet and Homemade With Love as well as being filmed & interviewed for Kirstie’s Handmade Britain. Once you’re done swooning over these gorgeous images you can find her on Facebook here or, in the flesh with the Mollie Makes team at The Folksy Summer School.

    Amazing! :)

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    We LOVE online (and offline!) haberdashery Ray Stitch and even more so since founder Rachel Hart supplied 100’s of beautifully packaged fabric swatches for the goodie bags at the recent Folksy Summer School.

    Ray Stitch was borne out of the desire to find not only good quality materials but also the necessary tools and accessories all in one place. Rachel’s sadness, shared with many, at the demise of the high street haberdashery shop - traditionally the place where a sewer could spend an enjoyable hour carefully choosing the bits and pieces for a planned project - drove her to create a modern version of the very same.

    Ray Stitch is committed to a conscious approach to product sourcing and considerations of the environmental impact and fair trade practices of production. Many of the products Rachel sells are organically or sustainably produced. Virtuous AND beautiful - what more does a maker want!

    Love your buttons. :)

  5. New York




    These dresses are made of city maps. Wear your city.

    Really nice…!!!!


  6. Meet the Maker… Fiona Humphrey from Folksy Shop InkyPrints Originals


    Meet printmaker Fiona Humphrey from InkyPrint Originals, who produces original, folk-art inspired prints from her attic studio in Birmingham.


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    Folksy Friday : Hints of Winter

    Love it!!! …